Our portfolio

Software development is not an end in itself.

In our work we therefore keep in mind the technical, specialist and organisational context of our solutions. We do not abandon our customers once the development of their software is complete. On the contrary, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of services, covering the entire application life-cycle of our software solutions, in cooperation with cellent AG’s Infrastructure Solutions and Managed Services divisions. Roll-out, infrastructure maintenance, application support and maintenance are possible supplementary services that can be taken into account from the start in the development of individual solutions.

During our day-to-day work it is important to us to achieve high quality of results. To this end we have compiled our own procedures, processes and guidelines, based on industry standards, which we develop on a continual basis. One example of this is our standardisation of tendering processes and documentation, as well as project control, achieved in cooperation with our Project Management and Corporate Operations divisions.

To enable us to subsequently give our customers specialist advice in the latest technologies, we actively follow the latest trends, technologies and emerging standards. To this end our employees upgrade their qualifications, both internally, at the cellent academy, and externally, at courses outside the company, as well as participating in conferences as observers and speakers. We evaluate new technologies and compile appraisals and best-practice recommendations for implementation, introduction and migration based on existing technologies.

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