During the realisation phase we deploy tried-and-tested technologies as well as promising innovations from Java, .NET and Mobile.

Due to close cooperation with our customers we can offer more than just the realisation of requirements. We ensure that the result, in the form of the source code created, remains maintainable, testable and expandable. We live up to our high standards for documentation, testing, quality assurance and the constant optimisation business processes, both in the takeover and development of older systems and in new developments. We take it as a given that these standards will be enforced irrespective of architecture, technology or target platform; for this reason we implement code reviews and refactoring in many projects.

Our technological core competency lies in the implementation with Java, in a .NET programming language (e.g. C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET) or with HTML5 in order to be able to meet individual requirements in both client, web and mobile environments (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) and the cloud. We offer further know-how and experience in the most popular databases (e.g. MS SQL Server or Oracle).

During realisation we monitor both specific software product quality indicators (functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintenance-friendliness and transferability) and general project success factors (project, risk and configuration management) in equal measure.

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