Sourcing & Procurement

High-performance, innovative procurement processes through an integrated SAP system

The purchase faces the major challenge of having to provide significant competitive advantages for the company. However, it is not enough to know all the requirements for the supplier product and to buy at the optimal price. The purchase must also, today, provide time-to-market support and ensure innovation from the supplier to the company. Among many other tasks its main focus lies in optimising the TCO in sourcing and procurement processes and their applications and mapping them within its SAP system.

Our consulting and services

We advise in the identification, definition, integration and maintenance of standardised and individual solutions in business processes. The aim is to build an integrated, innovative and standardised SAP system landscape to implement your purchasing strategy. This allows the integration of your internal departments or your suppliers and their information flows.

We increase and greatly enhance your corporate performance. Now is the right time to align your existing purchase platform with an innovative technology. It supports the digitisation, global networking with partners and other innovative trends and delivers considerable value to your purchase.

Your benefits

  • A fully integrated system reduces system breaks and thus manual input.
  • The system works independently according to flexible rules, proactive and event-driven and informs Purchasing proactively.
  • Purchasing can make faster and better decisions, because the system scans internal and external data sources, analyses using complex algorithms and provides procurement.