Our Values

Together, Personal, Further

More than just IT – this has long been the motto cellent stands for. These three words express our holistic vision of information technology, which we see in the comprehensive context of processes, organizations and employees.

This is the motto that guides us as we move together into the future. Our company's ongoing reorientation needs a solid foundation that points the way head – central values to guide our actions, describe who we are and allow us to develop further. We want these values to be lived in every project and every meeting as we get on with our everyday business and we want each of us to respect them and ask others to respect them. Together we will shape our company by committing ourselves on a very personal level, while feeling accepted and appreciated on that personal level. We want to develop further – as a company and as individuals.


I am cellent. We are cellent. We solve problems together as a team by cooperating with each other.  We communicate fast and systematically. Our employees are important to us.


We show appreciation and see the person behind the position. We look after our co-workers, trust them and support helpful feedback in all directions. We strive to resolve emotional and personal issues constructively.


We develop our roadmap further even when the going gets tough. We open new doors for our employees and blaze trails for innovations. We think further to see the business dimension of any issue.