Package Factory

Quality-assured software packaging by one of the most experienced service providers

“Do you know the consequences of incorrect software installation?”

The consequences of incorrect software installation are incalculable. Apart from the considerable financial cost that can be incurred by a business in the event of the cessation of processes, further, costly measures may also be required in order to eliminate the error and restore the original system state before the beginning of installation.

“Software packages form the basis for the complete automation of installation. What benefits does it bring you?”

Your applications are configured according to your business specific requirements and usable immediately after installation, making it easier for you to administer a growing number of applications and systems.

“How does software packaging work?”

Initially a specification book is created, containing necessary, company-specific adaptations, after which the packaging process takes place based on these specifications, with subsequent delivery of a complete installation package. This can be installed on all relevant systems via a software distribution system.

„What are the advantages of software packaging?”

You can make considerable cost savings on the implementation of new software and transparent licence management. Support for these applications is considerably simplified as the installation is identical.

The cellent Package Factory – trust the experts

The incorrect installation of software can lead to business-critical applications either not working properly, or breaking down uncontrollably. The consequences of this are incalculable.For this reason, you should trust an expert when it comes to software packaging: with more than 20,000 individually created software packages, we, cellent, are one of the most experienced service providers in software packaging.

Our particular service

If software packets should or must be packed on your premises, we also offer experienced packagers for project work.

What our Package Factory includes


  • Creation of software packet within defined timeframes and at a fixed price


  • Support of the customer in the creation of a specification book (company-specific settings) for software
  • Integration of packet into customer’s distribution environment (for Windows networks we recommend Microsoft’s SCCM)
  • Support for incompatibilities of various applications (analysis and error elimination)
  • Support and analysis for defective software (technical communication with software provider)
  • Rollout plan and coordination (example: database on a server must be updated to a newer version. Agreement: When do clients have to receive these?)

Our particular strength

  • For us it is not important which type of ‘distribution software’ our customers use
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of platform the customer wants or how difficult the installation of their application is
  • Our Package Factory creates a fully automated software package, created according to customer specifications, for their system environment
  • Due to our outstanding expertise we are in a position to offer our service for a fixed price, irrespective of complexity
  • This makes software packaging – independent of time and degree of difficulty – a calculable quantity for our customer
  • Our Package Factory supplies only quality-assured packets according to a tried-and-tested process
  • All the customer has to do is integrate the software packet in their software distribution product and can work with it immediately
  • We normally deliver the first packet to the customer within 72 hours