Flexible Data Centre

How important is flexibility to you?

oday, there is a great need for flexibility. Because of the ever-increasing globalization, companies must become increasingly agile to respond to worldwide influences in the short term. Therefore, the need of employees for a flexible workstation and a worldwide mobile access to applications and data is continuously increasing. This is associated with the challenge of allowing flexible collaboration of these employees. Therefore, your data centre must be designed so flexible that it meets these requirements efficiently, and your company and your employees continue to respond quickly to worldwide influences also in the future.

Our portfolio of services


By automated provision and authorisation processes, you allow flexible provision of applications, desktops and resources exactly when you need them and reduce error-prone manual interventions. At the same time, you enormously reduce the time required by your IT staff for standard tasks. You ensure consistent standard processes and simplified manageability by seamless integration into existing systems, e.g. in HR and accounting systems and the active directory.

Central management

Link all of your data centres worldwide and associated public clouds to a central management portal. Reduce your management expenses and error rate of separate isolated applications by doing this.

Proactive monitoring

Intelligent operations management by predictive analysis and proactive monitoring of your flexible data centre. Use the resources efficiently and recognise risks and utilisation limits in advance so that you can also respond flexibly to new requirements in the future.

Linking of data centres to public clouds

Link other data centres and public clouds worldwide.

Integrated calculation of costs

Transparent cost accounting of IT services, e.g. the provision of applications, desktops and resources by integration into existing business processes and systems.

Technologies used

  • VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Suite, VMware vRealize Suite, VMware vCloud Air
  • Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft System Center
  • Citrix XenServer
  • Amazon Web Services