Identity Management

That is why we are the right partner for you and your Identity Management project!

What exactly is Identity Management?

Identity Management (IDM) automates the management of accounts and permissions - it is quick and safe for simultaneous cost savings. Employees require for their daily work a series of accounts and permissions in a variety of applications. These not only have to be arranged but also administrated. Access permissions, for example, must be adjusted when there is a department changeover, holiday replacement or a project changes hands. If this is neglected, then a trainee, who passes through all departments of a company, could in the end have the most permissions. The result: a large security problem. The adjustment of accounts and permissions is therefore unavoidable, albeit without an IDM linked to high expenditure

Why should you choose cellent as your partner for your Identity Management project?

The demand for highly qualified specialists in the IDM field is vast and with our expertise and comprehensive project experience we are well positioned for the future. Our clients regard our specialised skills as advising on the IDM subject holistically from a legal, economical, process orientated and technical view point.

We promise you that in terms of technology and auditing you will have complete safety and we will drastically reduce your administrative effort for your entire user administration and permissions management.

With our business solution we reinforce our claim to market leadership in this market segment.