Professionally managing your authorizations

The increasing complexity of processes in the organizations has meant that the systems based on them are become increasingly complicated as a result.  Over the course of time, the number of users and departments affected is increasing. The challenge the companies face of complying with guidelines and statutory provisions regarding access privileges is becoming visibly more pronounced. The companies thus have the task of structuring the number of authorizations in a way that enables them to generate a comprehensive view of the system.

Our expertise: creating and redesigning authorization concepts

We not only help to create new, customized authorization concepts, we also help to redesign existing solutions.  To do so, we offer you comprehensive support: from an idea's conception and implementation to actually helping you to manage your authorizations.

We work with you to create a comprehensive concept that can be tailored to your individual requirements.  In order to achieve this, we take into account best practices, specific company guidelines and statutory requirements. 

The keys to a high-quality authorization concept:

  • Responsibilities
  • Naming conventions
  • User management processes
  • Authorization management processes
  • Special authorizations
  • Role concept

We pledge to provide you with customized consulting that involves sustainable, carefully thought-out concepts that you will be able to manage and administer as best as possible in future.  There are even more positive features to boot:

  • A higher level of security thanks to transparency and risk minimization
  • Higher traceability
  • Complying with the auditor's requirements/audit
  • Avoiding operating expenses
  • License savings

It's not just an customized concept that your after?

You're also looking for a central user administration and the possibility of checking the roles you've created for risks?
We can help you do that too! Our service portfolio also comprises the solutions SAP Access Control (risk assessment, authorization workflow) and SAP Identity Management (central user administration).