Application Lifecycle Consulting

The most important questions and answers

“The value that IT organisations add to the success of a company is largely determined by achieving cost savings. Which options are open to your IT management?”

The IT value chain contains great potential for saving IT costs. Our solutions (Service Catalogue Management, Software Management and SAP Factory) offer the possibility to reduce IT costs flexibly and long-term by means of automation, service focus and demand pooling in application management.

“Different service providers deliver development, maintenance and run applications. Are your service providers perfectly coordinated?”

The complexity of business processes requires an end-to-end service management of IT services and service providers, which goes above and beyond process chains. Transparency between service providers at the “transfer points” between interdependent services is key. Our Service Catalogue Management is a holistic approach, which, in addition to the service description, pays particular attention to existing interdependencies and necessary communication between parties.

“Do your real-life frameworks of collaboration with external service providers meet legal requirements?”

The current legal position dictates that internal and external employees have to be distinguished to avoid the suspicion of bogus personnel leasing. Our solutions Service Catalogue Management and Service Transition support you by converting the existing division of responsibilities into a service model. Personnel leasing will cease to be an issue!

“Are your IT services integrated into the management of default risks of critical business processes?”

Increasingly interconnected business processes require an IT security and risk management that is geared towards potential default risks. Our solutions Service Catalogue Management and Software Management show how IT services can be brought in line with the economic aims of the company.