What we offer you

The employee perks you will enjoy

The expertise and commitment of our employees are what make cellent so successful, and so working together is thus part of our company culture.  

We want to be an appealing employer to our employees, and we offer numerous perks. We’ve listed the main ones here for you:

Flexible working hours and the option to work from home

We feel it’s important for our employees to be able to combine work with their family life, and that’s why we make sure they can work flexibly depending on the project. We also offer our employees the option of occasionally working from home in a number of positions and projects.

Company pension scheme

We care! When someone joins our company, we offer them the option of joining a company pension scheme if they so wish. Additionally, if the employee agrees to it, salary payable for any existing contracts can go towards the pension instead.

Company welcome event

We hold a welcome event for all new employees on their very first day, which helps them settle into our company.

cellent academy

We offer training programmes! Our internal cellent academy offers our employees various technical training courses and certificates, and employees can also attend symposiums as well as language courses and soft skills training programmes.

Company/team events

We hold a number of company and team events to boost team spirit and communication inside and outside our teams.

Company cars

Our employees receive a company car depending on their position and their role, which they can configure how they wish. The vehicles on offer comprise a range of models from premium manufacturers.

Fruit, snacks and drinks

We provide our employees with fresh fruit and healthy snacks every day at all our locations, and those employees with a sweet tooth can also help themselves to sweet snacks. We also provide tea, coffee and a selection of cold drinks.

Employee discounts

We use cooperation agreements to offer attractive employee discounts on our cellent Corporate Benefits Platform, and employees can also purchase state-of-the-art hardware from our employee PC programme for a reasonable price.

Our “employees recruiting employees” programme: friends@cellent

Who’s in a better position than our employees to say who will fit in with us? If an employee recommends a friend to us, and we take them on, we offer that employee an attractive bonus of €4000.

Deferred compensation

By using salary components, our employees can have part of their salary paid as deferred compensation, which will allow them to take more net salary home with them.

Health scheme

We care about the health of our employees! This is why we carry out health programmes several times a year (flu vaccines, days devoted to skin cancer screenings and days devoted to back health).