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We have over 570 employees working daily to develop IT processes, technologies and solutions for our customers, which in turn enables our customers to focus on what’s important. You can become part of our team too!

What’s so special about working for cellent?

What’s so special about working for cellent? We give our employees demanding IT projects with renowned companies and reputable medium-sized companies from a variety of industries. The advantage we have? We boast the professionalism of giants in the industry, yet we have also maintained the flexibility of a medium-sized service provider. At the same time, every cellent customer has different requirements and uses different processes, meaning variety is guaranteed.  

Working for us will give you the chance to work for a dynamic medium-sized company, and you’ll also have access to opportunities and potential that only a global company can offer. With Wipro Ltd. as our parent company, exciting new prospects are emerging for our employees, both in terms of getting a foothold on the career ladder and in terms of personal and professional development. The combination of the company’s regional presence and its global strength is thus a real defining feature of cellent.

contact person:

Simon Karst

Team Lead Talent Acquisition
T: 0711/52030-542

contact person:

Björn Schermer

Team Lead Talent Acquisition
T: 0711/52030-274